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Options for Improved Thermal Management

This page shows some ideas on how to reduce the negative aspects heat on memory modules.


1) Specify memory modules with the best overall heat reduction scheme


2) Specify memory modules that use a thermal sensor to control the thermals


3) Design systems that avoid blowing preheated air over the memory subsystem


4) Select the best DIMM orientation for the systemboard to prevent trapped heat pockets


5) Maintain an air gap spacing between each memory module to maintain convection cooling


6) Maximize airflow to extract heat away from the memory


7) Specify memory modules with alternate DRAM placements on each side of the DIMM


8) Specify memory modules that use thermal cooling aids


9) Choose memory with low power densities (watts/area)


10) Choose memory modules using extended-temperature DRAM


11) Choose memory modules that have been screened for high temperature operation


12) Choose memory modules with DRAMs placed on only one side of the DIMM    


13) Choose memory modules with a mezzanine connector scheme that does not block air flow



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